Hello World!

Hello World!

How’s it going!

I’m Vijay Dev from India. I’m a UI & Front-end developer with 10 years of solid experience in web and mobile applications.

My experience range from a variety of technologies and frameworks, and yes of-course I’m a nerd, a movie junkie and a avid gamer. But I do love swimming and roller scating too.

This site is my efforts to start writing a blog to share and interact my experiences and knowledge with the internet.

Now then, since its “Hello world”, here is a very simple hello world program in JavaScript:

// variable to hold message and cache DOM node
var msg  = 'Hello World!',
	$msg = document.getElementById( 'msg' );

// inject the message into page
$msg.innerHTML( msg );

// log the message in console
console.log( msg );

// > Hello World!

So there you have it guys. See you around. :smile: